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Amphetamine tablets online

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Also called: It can be amphetamine tablets online powder or tablet which you sniff, swallow or inject. Speed is an off-white or pinkish powder and can sometimes look like crystals.

Base speed is purer and is a pinkish grey colour and feels like putty. You can dab speed onto your gums or sniff in lines like cocaine using a rolled up bank note.

You can also roll it up in a cigarette paper and swallow. You can mix it in drinks or inject it. It starts to affect you within 20 minutes and lasts for hours.

You can become addicted to speed physically and psychologically, so your body craves it and you find it hard to cope amphetamine tablets online life without it. You may have anxiety and panic attacks after withdrawal from speed.

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You may feel you have no energy for weeks. Speed will show up in a urine test for days.

onlinf The length of time depends on the test used, the amount you take, if you have other medical conditions and your amphetamine tablets online metabolism. Please use this figure as a guide. English Gaeilge.

Type of drugs About drugs Drugs and mental health Drug use factors Drugs and pregnancy Drugs and sport Drugs and the law Hepatitis C How long do amphetamine tablets online stay in your system? Prevention How can I tell if my child is using drugs?

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Concerned parents Children affected by a parent's drinking Alcohol and Cancer Worried about someone? When a loved one has a drink problem What can I do to help?

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Coping with a partner's drinking How drink can affect families Looking for help? What you can expect when you look for help Find a service.

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